Company Background

Founded in 2011 in response to the increasing appetite in China for premium imported food and beverage categories, demand for Peloris’ services in consultancy and operational expertise has seen the company expand across Asia, with offices in Australia, China, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Offering a fully transparent, compliant and integrated supply chain management solution and consultancy, Peloris eliminates producers’ export risk, enabling them to focus on their core business of food production and market development.

By demystifying market access pathways for food imports to China and the broader Asian region our clients are making more informed decisions about the commercial viability and sustainability of their export strategies.

Our reputation for excellence has been acknowledged on a number of fronts including nominations and success at the NSW Export Awards, our appointment as a Steering Committee Delegate on the China Chamber of Commerce for Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA) Import Council and as consultants to the ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement (ATIGA) Committee.

The Peloris team regularly advises Australian trade organisations and industry bodies on developments around market access and legislative changes.

Fresh Express

In May 2014 Peloris launched its ‘Fresh Express‘ import channel in response to an industry request for a commercially viable and sustainable China market access solution for Australian pasteurised fresh milk.

With a product shelf life of 20 days and temperature parameters of 0 – 4 Celsius for storage and handling, this was a challenging assignment.

On top of this, dairy products are classified by China authorities as a ‘high risk’ food category and subject to strict food safety testing and inspection, resulting in typical border clearance lead times of 14 – 21 days at the time, which made the import of fresh milk to China unviable.

Over a period of 18 months we worked hard to identify and understand China’s food import regulations and, working in collaboration with China Inspection & Quarantine Bureau (CIQ), we developed a set of protocols that guaranteed the safety and quality of fresh milk imports from production through to China customer delivery.

Today, we are the single largest importer of pasteurised fresh milk into China (with a 30% by volume share of total China fresh milk imports) and a border clearance lead time of just 36 hours. We continue to manage weekly imports of high risk food categories (including yoghurts, cheeses, chilled beef, fresh juices and seafood) with a record of 100% import compliance and on time customer delivery.

Fresh Express provides the fastest, most reliable China market access solution for a wide range of other food categories including milk powder, infant milk formula, fruit, vegetables, bottled water, molasses, wines and even muesli bars!

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