China Market Access Solutions

Peloris’ core business is to connect producers to China market demand. We specialise in developing and implementing market entry solutions that focus on optimising export shipment time, quality and cost.

By providing a fully integrated supply chain management solution, we are responsible for every step of the export process and therefore we take accountability for the core outcomes of China import compliance, product quality and on time delivery.

Thanks to our fully transparent supply chain approach, the producer has full visibility of every export shipment, from farm gate to customer delivery.

By assuming single point accountability, export risk for the producer is eliminated; the producer receives payment for the shipment before it leaves the country; the opportunity for product counterfeiting and tampering between production and consumption is eliminated; border compliance is assured; product quality is managed throughout and customer deliveries are received on the due date.

Product Traceability

Peloris has partnered with what we believe to be the most effective anti-counterfeiting system currently available in the market. It is extremely cost effective, industry standard compliant and provides 100% protection against the product being copied.

This technology has been incorporated into our Peloris ‘Fresh Express’ import solution and it enables us to protect and track individual food products from production through to consumption.

It is extremely cost effective, industry standard compliant and provides 100% protection against the product being copied

Product Recall

Peloris has invested heavily in ensuring a fully transparent supply chain from production through to customer delivery. Our ‘Fresh Express’ import channel has built in protocols that validate product provenance, prevent product counterfeiting, monitor product quality and provides real time product recall capability if required.

‘Fresh Express’ China Import Channel

Peloris offers a comprehensive China market access solution that manages every aspect of the food export supply chain from document and shipment preparation through to final customer delivery. Our ‘Fresh Express’ import channel is the fastest and most reliable market access solution for China food imports.

Due to the perishable nature and short shelf life of many food categories, rapid and consistent border clearance is critical to developing ongoing customer loyalty and increasing market sales.

Our cold chain management expertise ensures product quality is maintained from paddock to plate. ‘Fresh Express’ minimises storage and handling costs during transit and generates economies of scale that enable us to offer the most efficient and cost effective China market access solution available.

Peloris provides expert support on all aspects of China market entry compliance including;

  • Entity registration and compliance (export and import)
  • Brand registration
  • Product ingredients and formulation compliance
  • Product label and format compliance
  • China Quarantine and Inspections Bureau (CIQ) pre- approval
  • China overlay label printing and application
  • First time import shipment registration

Sustainability through integrity

Developing a China export market for any product requires a significant investment of time and money and it is essential producers secure both a credible customer base and the capability to fulfil expected demand and future growth opportunities.

There have been many well documented examples over the past few years of food brands that have achieved amazing ‘overnight’ success in the China market only to suffer the consequences of misinformed or poorly executed market entry strategies and disappear from the market just as quickly.

  • Safety
    through Quality
  • The primary driver for China food import compliance is food health and safety, as detailed in the 2015 China Food Safety Law which is made up of 10 chapters and 154 articles addressing both food import, export, and domestic food production.

    Peloris has developed protocols that ensure full compliance with the China Food Safety Law. Our ‘Fresh Express’ import channel has achieved 100% regulatory compliance since we began managing weekly China food imports back in 2014. Our commitment to food import safety has been duly recognised by China import authorities and our ‘Fresh Express’ import channel now has prioritised border clearance meaning we operate the fastest, most reliable China food import channel.

    Our food import safety protocols include:

    • The use of independent NATA accredited testing laboratories
    • Product testing in accordance with China formal food testing standards
    • Real time shipment temperature monitoring from production to customer delivery
    • Individual product serialisation system that enables validation and tracking of individual product units
    • Clearly defined product recall procedures in place
  • Confidence through Transparency
  • The Chinese consumer is evolving. Their focus is shifting to prioritizing premium products and living a more balanced and healthy life. Central to this is their desire to authenticate product provenance, quality and integrity prior to purchase.

    Peloris has developed protocols that deliver real time transparency of product provenance, quality and supply chain management from paddock to plate. This level of transparency provides the consumer with the confidence that the premium imported food they are about to purchase is genuine and of the highest quality.

    Our transparency protocols include:

    • Individual product serialisation allowing unique product tracking and traceability
    • Chain of custody transfers, preventing product counterfeiting or tampering
    • Real time temperature and location tracking along the supply chain
    • Direct consumer engagement capability enabling the brand owner to communicate directly to or receive communication directly from, the end consumer
  • Accountability through Responsibility
  • Because the Peloris ‘Fresh Express’ import channel adopts an integrated supply chain approach where we take full responsibility for the shipment from end to end, we can then offer single point accountability for the export shipment – eliminating export risk for the producer.

    Keep this for a blog: In this new paradigm where export speed and maintaining product quality in transit are critical for China market success, the traditional export model fails to deliver. With its ‘vertical silo’ structure, where shipments are passed on from producer to freight forwarder to logistics provider to importer to distributor before finally being delivered to the retail outlet or end consumer, shipment transparency, product condition monitoring and overall accountability risk being compromised.

    Our export responsibilities include:

    • China customer order management and production scheduling
    • Export documentation, validation and customs pre clearance
    • Export packing (temperature sensitive produce)
    • Product testing and issue of Certificate of Analysis
    • Logistics scheduling, booking and management
    • China customs clearance and payment of duties and tariffs
    • China Quarantine testing and issue of health certificate
    • China customer delivery

    Brand & Product Integrity

    Transparency and traceability are the foundation stones of the Peloris ‘Fresh Express’ import channel. By utilising the ‘Internet of Things’ technology, Peloris tracks the provenance, location and temperature of products along the entire supply chain.

    This level of transparency provides assurance to all stakeholders; the producer has full visibility of the product condition and location of the product all the way to their export customer, China food regulatory authorities can easily confirm shipment compliance and customers can scan the product bar code to check the provenance of the product before purchase. All this serves to protect your good name, brand and reputation.

    Commercial Competitiveness

    Peloris has partnered with several key suppliers to ensure consistent, high quality support service delivery. This allows us to consolidate and leverage our export volumes to ensure lowest industry rates for every element of the export supply chain process including packing materials, documentation requirements, logistics, storage and handling services.

    The Peloris ‘single point accountability’ model also eliminates the hidden export costs associated with operational delays and failures, payment issues, product quality deterioration and damage to brand reputational value. 

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